How To Increase Website Visitors Efficiently

How to increase website visitors? Perhaps this question should be rumbling in everybody’s mind and that is natural because all of us want more and more visitors and in turn more sales irrespective of having your own business site or an affiliate site. Common answer to generating traffic is Google Adwords Advertising. Many small as well as big business owners and individuals including internet marketers too rely heavily on Adwords for their online marketing campaigns. However, off late has anyone noticed the other side of Google Adwords? I think you might have and that is disabling Adwords account falsely without any prior notice or warning. I have been watching this for the last couple of years and now I am growing more confident about this matter.

About a year ago a well known marketer saw that dreaded subject line is his email account: "Your Google Adwords account has been disabled". Scary thing is, this is happening to more and more people, and it could happen to you too. Create traffic to website is not that hard as one think and I personally believe that we should not depend heavily on Google Adwords for that. And the worst thing is... You can't talk to a human being about it. They won't let you through their voice mail from hell menu. They won't even give you a reason. You help make Google rich and to show their appreciation, they slap one of their one million "user agreement guidelines" in your face (that seem to change like the direction the wind blows)... and Google even has the nerve to close accounts without any explanation!

Many people have started believing that albeit slowly but AdWords is in fact dying. And those days are not so far that people will turn away their face from Google Adwords to increase website views. CTRs(Click through rates) have dropped significantly from an average of over 4-percent to now just under 2-percent during the past decade or so because of heavy competitions on the net. Mobile marketing has banged last severe blow not only to Google Adword but to some extent major part of online marketing for the last couple of years. Google is too small... Small!, you say... "how the hell can this multi-billion dollar company that seems to be buying everybody ever be considered small?" "Small"... because Google only has 6% of all Internet traffic. The REAL traffic is in the other 94%!" We have all been looking at website traffic completely WRONG! We were thinking too small...

Yes, in our industry we are "brainwashed" early on to believe that Google is the definition of traffic. But the reality is, they only own a small percentage of all the traffic that exists. So if there is all this traffic everyone is talking about in Google - and Google only makes up a small fraction of the total traffic online... why aren't you getting YOUR share
of traffic online? I'm gonna be super blunt here so buckle up. You're not getting the traffic you want because, if you're like most, you're still struggling with the old outdated methods that haven't worked for years. Fortunately, you don't have to rely on the bloodsuckers at Google for you traffic anymore. How do you increase website visitors?

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