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Business minded people might be thinking on how to reach an audience in a timely manner with best ideas for iphone appsWell, apps marketing is still some years away from its peak. Less than three years after the first mobile apps marketing campaigns launched, several businessmen, companies and direct marketers now use apps as their one of the marketing strategies. Mobile apps marketing will remain in growth mode for two more years as 60% more firms adopt it and average campaign spending doubles.

While mobile apps are  often viewed as more accessible and easier to find, people are quick to point out that the apps may not be as deep and involving as other forms. 2013 could be the year all that changes. In 2012, mobile apps progressed by leaps and bounds. This is due in part to mobile hardware advances, but also due to greater smartphone adoption with many now carrying the equivalent of an apps system around in their pockets. We will see even greater maturation and best designs for iphone apps as the industry continues to make more money and attract more serious attention from big-hitters in 2013. With this growth will come some important changes.

Mobile apps have become somewhat of a gold rush, driven by success stories.As competition in the mobile apps market heats up.One shopping trip opens up a huge opportunity for retailers to get to know their customers and promote their brand across all channels.Due to its vast enormity and universal size, it is hard for people to wrap their minds around exactly how best activities for iphone apps are right now.Let me put it this way, the mobile market is exponentially bigger now than when you started reading this sentence.Seems unbelievable? Well so is pretty much everything else about mobile and mobile marketing. If you want to understand and fully take advantage of this extremely powerful new tool in advertising and marketing, you need to approach it with open eyes, open ears, and an open mind. Anyone in the advertising industry right now will tell you that mobile marketing is here to stay! But don't take their word for it, or even ours. Let us show you just how big and powerful this new instrument in marketing and advertising is. 

Her are some stats about mobile marketing:

  • The global mobile market will grow from $5.2 billion in 2013, to $20 billion in 2015.

  • 55% of adult mobile phone owners use their devices while in a store to get help with purchasing decisions.

  • 8 out of 10 mobile phone searches result in a purchase or visit.  

  • 78% of mobile users use their mobile device for shopping.

  • 7 out of every 10 searches are conducted on a mobile device. 

  • 75% of all mobile actions will take place within 1 hour.

  • On average, it takes approximately 120 minutes for people to respond to an email, but only 120 seconds to respond to a text message.

  • 300 million YouTube videos are seen on mobile devices every day.

  • 95% of smartphone owners use their mobile browser at least once a day.

  • 350 thousand mobile apps have been developed so far.

  • $25 billion is spent on mobile advertising every year in the U.S.

  • 78% of all people in the U.S. said they would like to receive offers on their mobile phones.

  • 95% of all text messages are read within 2 minutes.

  • 275 million adults in the U.S. own some type of a mobile device.

The size of mobile market is staggering.Of the world’s 4 billion phones in use 1.5 billion are smartphones and whooping 3.5 billion are SMS enables.

Here are some best inventions for iphone apps.

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