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In my career, I’ve learned a thing or two. One of those things: NEVER get caught up or excited about something without first trying it out to make sure it actually works. Some things are only good in theory and setting high expectations can often lead to let downs! But not TrustJacker Blackhat.

But, I learned another important thing, too: IF you test something and it makes you money, especially if it took very little effort AND it’s duplicatable or scaleable… then I don’t care what software, tool, method, strategy or approach we’re talking about (providing it’s not illegal), you had better TAKE NOTICE. Because you may have in your hands something rare and valuable. Money rarely comes effortlessly. That almost never happens.

Well, TrustJacker software made me money while I was tipsy and tired, without having any guidance, with no experience and without a doubt, while I was a total noob to the concept. So…. let’s think about this again… Did I get excited over $9? Oh yeah, I most certainly did. I walked into our Mastermind hall that morning and I wasn’t even surprised to learn that others had similar stories to share that day about how they’d ALREADY monetized TrustJacker and we hadn’t even left the event yet.

I have no doubt that most of my colleagues from that Mastermind have gone on to make even more money TrustJacking everything they can. But, again, I rarely bring it up. I don’t talk about it much. I just use it every day as a simple tweak to the things I was already doing online… and, happily I’m earning more money because of it.

Since that weekend some months ago, I have yet to stop using TrustJacker every day in my business and I won’t stop. It has also opened a new door to me for creatively monetizing all sorts of things online. For example, everything I do, each idea I come up with to market a new product or whatever the case may be, I also ask myself if there is a way to TrustJack to increase my earnings and the answer is almost always a resounding YES!

The truth is, I would have posted about TrustJacker long ago. The only problem was Gerry Cramer & Rob Jones, the creators of the software only made it available in a private release for a very short few days and then immediately took it off the market for a long time! I wanted to tell you about it months ago but there was no point because you wouldn’t have been able to use it anyway.

Now that they are finally releasing this amazing tool to the public, I wanted to be the 1st one to tell you about it. I don’t recommend too many tools. But, if I could only promote ONE SINGLE SOFTWARE in 2014 onwards, without a doubt TrustJacker would be that cool tool. I’m so stoked about this and so confident that you’ll like it yourself and that it will instantly become your favorite new toy for your online money making shenanigans, that I want to be doubly sure that you pick up a copy today.

So, here’s what I’m going to do with trustjacker mastermind

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