Marketing Campaigns On Mobile Phones

If you are engaged in any kind of old or new business whether it’s a local, national or international, you do not need to have a Master or Ph.D degree of rocket science to learn about marketing campaigns on mobile phones. Cell Phone marketing is a powerful marketing platform. Short Text Messages or SMS marketing is very handy and easy to use. It is regarded as the best and smart (intelligent/superb) way to engage with potential customers without caring where they are with retaining the existing ones. SMS marketing started gaining popularity in the early 2000s in the USA, Europe and some countries of Asia when businesses in the respective regions started collecting mobile numbers. Messages sent through SMS marketing are read within four minutes on average, making them highly responsive and a very good rate of conversion..

As the entire globe is highly dependable mobile devices, they naturally have become brand ambassadors in the marketing process and control both the context and content of the overall brand experience. Forms of mobile marketing through SMS has expanded rapidly across the globe as the latest way to reach consumers. Initially it received heavy criticism and negative media coverage in many parts of the world for being a new form of spam as some advertisers bought huge lists of mobile numbers and sent unsolicited content to people’s phones without gaining permission; however, as guidelines are put in place by the mobile operators, SMS has become the most popular branch of the Mobile Marketing industry with several 100 million advertising SMS sent out every month in Europe alone.

Whether the business is local or global if they have a proper and accurate model to get repeat business and emphasize on building a community of customers, SMS/text message marketing is the best way to connect further with the community. It is claimed that cell phone marketing is still in its infancy but has irrevocably transformed society to great extent and has taken the advertising world to next level. Let me be clear here that people (obviously customers from all walks of life) have already started given their verdict and expressed views that worldwide research, study, analysis and surveys have indicated that mobile marketing will grow considerably to new heights in the next couple of years or half a decade and will definitely become a major driving force to global economy. Those who have already done the homework of mobile marketing and have started integrating mobile technology into their businesses- particularly operational and marketing strategies are reaping benefits by covering major market share and are miles ahead from those competitors who have ignored it.

It is assumed that more people will be accessing internet using their mobile phones rather than PCs and laptops. Mobile marketing has contributed $145 Billion to the U.S. economy in the year 2012 and highly expected to rise to $450 Billion by 2015, a remarkable uprise from $55 billion in net sales previously generated in 2010. This means that over the next half a decade, this figure is set to skyrocket an annual growth rate of 58 per cent. In order to assess mobile’s economic impact accurately, the consumer and business mobile sales were evaluate against total U.S. sales in 2012, close to $35 trillion. This year has so far been the year of mobile advertising. The mobile marketing platform has matured to the point where most major brands have embraced the medium, driven by the reach and interactivity of smartphones, iPhones, Tablets etc. and their rapidly growing userbase.


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  2. Yes, Thank you. According to Morgan Stanley, by 2014, mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet. More and more marketing will be happening on mobile devices, not computers anymore.

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