Internet Mobile Marketing-The Global Effect

Among the biggest benefits of the internet mobile marketing is that it allows anybody the opportunity to get their message in front of millions of prospective customers for little or no money, as long as they know what they are doing. Once you master the techniques of internet marketing, you can get your video, website or advertisement to go “viral.”

In other words, like a virus that attacks your body’s immune system, under optimal conditions, your message can reproduce on the internet exponentially so that it suddenly attracts worldwide attention. While viruses that attack the human body or a computer virus that targets hard drives are considered to be bad things, going viral with your marketing is a very good thing, indeed. That’s because it means your message is being propelled through cyberspace like a rocket, landing on increasing number of computer screens, laptops, smart phones, tablets and other devices every minute.

From a marketing perspective, there is no better place to be. Most companies would pay millions of dollars for the kind of exposure that a single viral video or website can achieve for next to nothing or even for free.

Web Mobile Marketing refers to marketing techniques that use social networks and other web tools to produce explosive awareness in brand or product awareness. Like self-replicating computer viruses, which spread from computer to computer exponentially, viral marketing takes advantage of tools such as Facebook “Likes”, re-Tweets, Google Plus “+1’s” and other social approval tools to spread the word about the brand or product quickly.

The music industry also has used viral mobile marketing to create something out of nothing. In 2001, 13-year-old singer Rebecca Black created a low-budget video for a hyper-catchy song she had recorded called “Friday”. Although the lyrics were insane, the ear candy quality of the tune made it irresistible for internet users and Black soon found her video going viral, eventually attracting an astonishing 60 million views on YouTube, which was more than 11 million more than the latest video by Lady Gaga, who was the most successful pop act on the planet at the time.

Word of mouth marketing is critical to the growth of small businesses that lack the resources for huge marketing campaigns. It’s frequently what keeps a business operating during those early days when it is still struggling to survive. Satisfied customers tell their family and friends about the business, and this increases its customer base and sales.

The result is a sudden and massive distribution of the brand or product being delivered to a global market via word of mouth or network effects of the internet and mobile marketing technology

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