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I think I must start with a Big WHY????? Article builder question query still confuses me. We are residing in the age of ever-changing existing day technological innovation used in all avenues of lifestyle where to take in without it is almost difficult. If we do not use any system of recent era then we are known as in reverse or say we are residing in the black age or pulling towards that time and gradually dropped behind in competitors. You may find some factors here a bit different than the subject what I am referring to but it is necessary to carry up to be able to conscious the real person residing within us that always think about improvement. It is definitely appropriate to the subject I am referring to in the end.

Off late there have been several changes in the international business world with regards to take overs and early finishing of big organizations when they were at the top or at least very good protection around the world market and were very well-known manufacturers. The same can be appropriate to typical individual in the world also because all of us are stick to the same guidelines and if we don't succeed to realize these changes, it could confirm not only critical for us expertly and individually but also carry the undesirable unexpected end of lifestyle often. Such organizations can be known as vulnerable varieties on the verge of annihilation or already have been. If they don't succeed to comprehend “The Progress Of Corporate World”, they are gone.

A several of illustrations would be adequate to describe this. Two massive organizations went down at the end of 2013.One is Sony models Erickson and the other is Compaq Computer systems and it is expected that Olympus Camcorders, Volvo Vehicle and Nook (Book Store) are about to failure by the end of this year. Popular evolution concept of “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” is not only restricted to lifestyle but to the organizations also.

Why was Nokia; established in 1865 and well known as the Nationwide Icon of Finland and one the greatest product or we say the trend in cellphone market was marketed to Microsoft company in 2013? Nokia joined in the cellular market in 1990 and modified the whole experience of cellular market and had an approximated value of $250Billion Dollars in 2000. Nokia even produced tablets (way before The Apple Company and Samsung) and presented to the world when there was no appropriate recognition and meaning of cell mobile phones.

Steve Jobs presented iPhones with application software programs technological innovation in mobile phone and shaken the cellular market upside down. Samsung quickly recognized the significance of applications in cellular but Nokia did not and hence rest is the history. When Nokia recognized these factors, it was too late to remain similar in the competitors. The same occurred to RCA (Radio Corporation Of America) in the last century. Bell produced transistors which were used in the radio sets and TV instead of valves. But RCA overlooked the “TRUE VALUE” of transistors and used it to the restriction abilities to Table Top Radios and TVs. Sony shown brilliant here and were quick to adopt the latest technology at the time. It used the transistor technological innovation easily and created pocket radios which RCA did not. A person was able to roam anywhere in the country or even the world with pocket radios to listen to news, songs and live radio commentary of any sports from anywhere across the globe. RCA was captured sleeping here. These organizations did not cop with the ever modifying evolution of technological innovation at the times and had a sad demise or tragic end. The reason is small but the effect is large.

Thus if the existing services are available at our footsteps, our door or at our convenience to use them in the best possible beneficial way then why should not we? Why do we use aircraft instead of ships, cars, buses and railways instead of horse carts and bullock carts for commuting? There is no rectification, adoption to the modern technology is the lifestyle thy name. Now let me come to the primary subject I want to discuss. Well, it is all about writing. In the last century, before the emergence of world wide web, only few parts of the international inhabitants were engaged in writing in their respective 'languages' or the one they are known to. But unfortunately they had very restricted vocabularies and types of idioms, phrases etc. After the revolution of web technological and the software programs relevant to all the topics have made lifestyle simpler, better and fast. These have broken all the barriers and took a massive advancement in our lives.

Sometimes I feel sorry for those who criticize and not only repel but refuse too to evolve to the new lifestyle and neglect article builder lifetime. They are not only off line but online too and are engaged in writing career some way or the other. They label these features as scams, duplicators and so on. They even often decline by branding it as a content generator, article rewriter, a fake part or whatever hit their thoughts, so what I discovered here is such people always like the old school methods of working, either they are scared of or are inclined of operating away by concealing mistakes. Now-a-days everyone has to create content techniques, a webmaster, a blogger, a publisher, a vendor, an editor etc.

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