Organic Search Engine Optimization And Link Velocity

There are so many new things I have to tell you about organic search engine optimization that I fear I will miss out on something important! So, I’ll just keep telling you about such things whenever I can. Like, right now, I am going to tell you about link velocity and link acceleration. Most Internet marketers don’t even know these terms, let alone give them any importance. But, these terms are actually very important if you want to enhance the prospects of your business website.

Let’s see what link velocity is. See, when you add backlinks to your website, you get traffic, right? Now, link velocity is the speed with which you get this traffic. It is actually a measure of the backlinks your website generates in a particular period of time. Naturally, if your link velocity is good, your website is getting more traffic and hence you are doing more business with it. But then there is a concept which is more important than link velocity. It is known as link acceleration. Now, your link velocity is not going to remain constant over time. It shouldn’t; it has to increase. The rate at which your link velocity increases in a fixed period of time is known as link acceleration.

It is just like riding a motorcycle. You are moving at a particular speed. This is like your link velocity. But then you switch gears and your speed increases. Now how fast the speed increases is what is known as acceleration. This is link acceleration for you. Two websites may start out with the same link velocity, like two motorcycles starting out with the same speed in a race. However, the website that has the better link acceleration will definitely move ahead faster, like the motorcycle that accelerates more.

In organic web optimization, your eye should be on your current link velocity and also on how fast you can increase it, i.e. your link acceleration. Keeping both these things in mind, you can improve the prospects of your website at a very healthy rate.

Other than linking, you also need to lookout on your on-page factors. I use SEOPressor to automate my on-page organic SEO.

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