SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2014

Search engine optimization is an endless and one of the most complex processes for several netpreneurs and for those who seek SEO Tutorial For Beginners in 2014 and beyond. Naturally the basic question is what is organic seo? Why should we do it and how useful is it to those who are involved in it? Is SEO an art, is it a science, is it mathematics or is it a combination of all these factors? Well, not only common people but the experts as well are divided in their opinion regarding this subject. Some do it for fun and some have made it their serious business because so many small and giant firms who are involved in respective national businesses or international one want to dominate the markets in fierce global competition and want to remain on top of the search engines apart from PPCs and PPVs, social media, list building etc.

Frequent algorithmic changes by major search engines have made it ambiguous even for experts to predict the true nature of seo because what you do today could be ousted tomorrow particularly when someone tries to illude the search engines. They severely hit and punish those people. On the other hand if you comply with the rules, stick to the basics and be natural then search engine optimization is the best, the most entertaining and enjoyable job to do. The basics of seo will still be there and remain forever hence the basic search engine optimisation tips is to search the best keyword possible (especially long tail keywords) and the appropriate content for your subject, niche or category.

Until now it was said that content is the king of article marketing, this is correct and to some extent it was limited to that but since last years the scenario has changed and all the major search engines have started emphasizing on content to rank the websites, blogs etc. Thus contents have started playing major roll in seo and since have been heart and soul of seo techniques whether it is on page seo or off page seo. Contents are becoming fatter, thicker and growing its influence in all kinds of seo works to the extent that it would be impossible to detach each other for future optimizations. Now onward search engine optimisation for beginners will be to focus on how to write a unique content, and then do the rest.

One major trend has started taking place in global seo market is that it is turning its face to mobile optimization. Ever since the turn of this year there has been significant change in seo and it has already started turning toward mobile. Thus in future it will be known as mobile search optimization rather than search engine optimization, hence new personal and business websites will have to be built mobile optimized and old ones will have to be transformed to it. Even Google is finding it tough to cope with these rapid and drastic changes because approximately 45% of emails are read through mobile devices. More than 60% Americans have smart phones and nearly 35% own tablets. Experts believe that Google algorithm hummingbird is merely a tip of mobile optimization iceberg. Global surveys have found that 49% mobile customers have bought goods through paid and organic search. In short seo tutorial for beginners lesson 1 will be mso than seo.

If someone thinks that SEO is just a mixing of HTML codes, quality link building, and thoroughly searches keyword tactics that enable a website to rank higher in major search engines, then all of you are million miles away from latest and advanced SEO. These dramatic changes will definitely bring evolution in seo experts. The rebirth of personnel and companies will shed more light on seo tutorial step by step.

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